I know all these lovely people, they are good friends.  

The first image is Grotessa and Grotus from “SUPERF*CKERS" James Kochalka is a recent friend I’ve made. He is super nice and sweet and an elf.

The second image is Wallow from “BRAVEST WARRIORS" He is voiced by Ian J, a longtime friend of mine. We were teenage knuckleheads back in the early internet days. He drew a Klurf once!

The third image is ROCKET DOG from “ROCKET DOG" by the fun fun Melaphantastic! We became fast Tumblr buddies since we both love making insanely detailed GIFs. She also drew a Klurf once!

The last image is Bee and Puppycat from “BEE AND PUPPYCAT" by another new friend Natasha Allegri. She is SO NICE. Her doodles make me smile.

You should watch all these shows (or read the production blogs for Bee And Puppycat and Rocket Dog since they are still in production.) Support these guys because their stuff is wonderful and they’re my friends so IF YOU LIKE ME then YOU SHOULD LIKE THEM. 

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