Be sure to watch the new Aquabats episodes. Each one features a cartoon segment drawn by different studios. One of them is by ME! 

I tend to turn down TV offers because TV people usually make me do something I hate or they don’t “get it” or they think I’ll work for “exposure.” The guys behind this show were people I trusted though. Their notes were excellent and fair and I would want to work with them again! There was a lot of back and forth with the network but The Hub was surprisingly easy to work with too.  I hope you like these behind-the-scenes images.

I tend to be very shy and though I’ve done TV animation before this is the first time I’ve ever had 2.5 minutes of JUST ME all over the screen. I have been able to hide doing background stuff and in-betweens, but this is ALL ME. I’m nervous and anxious, but I told myself I can do this. 

Watch The Aquabats Super Show on The Hub at 1PM EST.

(the images and videos in this post are the properties of The Aquabats and The Hub and will be taken down upon request.)

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    I was incredibly happy to see Shmorky’s work on the Aquabats Super Show as I’ve always been a big fan of his material...
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    HOLY SHIT I didn’t realize Shmorky did the animation for that episode oh fuck that’s fucking rad!
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